Board Meeting Updates



  • The 50th anniversary was a great success! A large team came together to make it work. Around 160 people attended. Great music. Mike’s Dance Barn worked out well.
  • We discussed dancer feedback related to people sitting out who might only feel comfortable dancing the lark/gent/lead role. Perhaps in the future we’ll have a town hall-style meeting about this and related topics. Eric will start a Google doc for announcements that callers give about dance culture (e.g. “Look for people sitting out and ask them to dance,” “ask your partner if they want to twirl,” “you can dance whichever role you want,” etc.)
  • We discussed how to move forward with food, volunteers, etc. for Sugar Hill. We are in need of lead volunteers. We will not have separate lead volunteer shirts this year.
  • We decided to require a home Covid test (with a negative result) at Sugar Hill upon arrival and again on Saturday for those who arrive on Friday.


  • The July and August weekly dances will be at Windfall. July open mic will be acoustic, and then we’ll use our sound system after that. Masks will be required while in the dance hall, while entering the building, and while at the check-in table. Dancers can exit the dance hall to take a drink. One room at Windfall will be designated as a masks-optional space.
  • Sugar Hill and the 50th Anniversary Celebration plans are moving along (details on website).
  • We might revisit the possibility of a join event with IU International Folk Dance in the fall or winter.
  • We discussed life membership but decided that it’s too much to keep track of year to year.
  • Callers’ collective might take a break for July but continues to be well attended and helpful.


  • In the last 5 weeks of Wednesday dances, we’ve had an average of 40 attendees (range 29-45) and 21 new members. We receive around $48/week in recurring PayPal donations and have received a total of $153-217 in donations per dance. After hall rental and paying performers, we used $28 from reserves, which is sustainable at this time.
  • On our special Saturday dance on May 14, 46 people attended. We received $273 in donations and had $670 in expenses, and used about $400 from our account.
  • Public comment included an idea about lifetime membership and about hosting a joint meeting with the IU International Folk Dance Group on campus. The board will discuss these items more in the future.
  • Callers’ collective this month had 6 musicians, 5 callers, and 8-9 dancers. Next meetup is June 5 at 3 p.m. (at a new location – email for address). Masks and vaccination required.
  • Feedback from dancers – some people have been not wearing a mask in the gym. It often falls on check-in volunteers to enforce the rules. Decided to try to put chairs on the landing when it’s not raining so that people can rest there and still see the dance.
  • We discussed various possible venues for the weekly dance in June, and in the end decided to stick with Harmony for ease of location as well as momentum of new dancers. As usual, we’ll dance elsewhere in July and August, location TBD.
  • We discussed and approved various aspects of the 50th anniversary celebration as well as Sugar Hill, as reflected on the BOTMDG website. Vaccination requirements will be the same as for the weekly dance, and masks will be required on the dance floor.


  • For the last four dances – average attendance 39, 20 new members (up to 103 total for the year), $109-224/week in donations, total costs: $645, donations: $735.34. Year to date performer costs: $1565; hall rental: $1120; performers donating back their stipend: $156.50; BOTMDG has contributed $379.05 from savings.
  • May dances will be at Harmony School. We will revisit the June dance location at our May board meeting, so that we have relevant Covid information. (We can consider outdoors with masks optional).
  • Special Saturday dance: For members, entrance fee will be by donation. For non-members, the entrance fee is $12. Non-members have the option of becoming members if they would like. Up-to-date vaccination required for all.
  • “Up-to-date” for our purposes will now mean that someone has had the vaccine, plus at least one booster if they are eligible.
  • Sugar Hill and 50th Anniversary – same vaccination requirements as normal dances. Masking tbd.
  • Sugar Hill – children who are not eligible for vaccines can come and can be on the dance floor.
  • We also discussed dancer feedback. As dancers and callers, we want to try to get in the habit of normalizing asking people which role they want to do before a dance.
  • Sugar Hill and 50th Anniversary committees continue moving forward with plans


  • We will not dance at Harmony School during the months of July and August, with Marci Jane Lewis Park in Ellettsville being our default unless we come up with a venue we like better. At our April board meeting, we will revisit the time frame for moving outdoors.
  • In the past, BOTMDG has offered scholarships for members to attend dance camps and workshops. Several board members are in favor of doing this again; we will look into what was done in the past and go from there.
  • 50th Anniversary Celebration – committee is hoping to have save-the-date information by March 30 and open registration April 20. The committee is looking for someone to lead housing arrangements sub-committee to connect out-of-town attendees with local hosts.
  • We are continuing to work on new name buttons.
  • Eric will move forward with booking a Saturday dance (with flexibility to have it on a Saturday other than the 5th Saturday if needed).
  • Becky and Audrey continue to work on the Orange Sheet.
  • Cathy is confirming Sugar Hill dates.


  • All board members (returning and newly elected) introduced themselves.
  • We discussed Covid protocols and decided to continue with our current practices for now.
  • We discussed the length of the dance and the possibility of extending it. In the end, we decided to keep the length of the dance as it is and revisit the topic soon, especially if it seems like enough dancers are energetically staying until the current end time.
  • We decided to move forward with planning a 5th Saturday dance, on April 30.
  • The 50th anniversary committee continues to meet and plan for a celebration.
  • We are in the process of ordering name tag buttons for the dance, Sugar Hill, and the 50th anniversary.
  • A subcommittee of the board will work to revive the Orange Sheet (a directory of people affiliated with BOTMDG), which has not been produced for the past couple of years.


  • Ruth Schedler is bean king!
  • We discussed what “fully vaccinated” means for us – “every vaccine someone is eligible for”. Therefore, ages 0-5 are “fully vaccinated” since they are not eligible for the Covid vaccine. If people ages 0-5 come to the dance, we decided they cannot dance in the line. Ages 3 and up need to wear masks.
  • We discussed and finalized the liability form (posted to the webpage about becoming a member).
  • Katie Zukof came to the meeting as a representative of the 50th anniversary celebration committee to discuss ideas with the board. We discussed hosting a reunion-type event in the fall, with a possibility of other events throughout the year, such as a history exhibit or talk at Sugar Hill and participating in the 4th of July parade.



  • 4 dances since last meeting. Average attendance 25.5. Donations $76-126/week. Used $287 from savings to cover performer payments and hall rental.
  • We decided that open mic performers are required to stop at the check-in table and share their contact information if they are not members. They are highly encouraged to become members.
  • We decided to continue to require membership through 2022, and not to require a specific entrance fee but to continue with donations.
  • We are working on a liability form for 2022.
  • We also discussed the Bean King party, winter caroling, the annual meeting – details of which were sent to our email list.
  • We’ll update our bank account signatories to include the current Dance Coordinator, Eric Schedler.
  • We’ll edit the membership form to include information about the orange sheet, subscription options, liability, names for buttons, and pronouns.

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