A dance EVERY Wednesday evening (no exceptions!) Usually at Harmony School, but see the Monthly Calendar for exact time and location.

After each Wednesday dance some of us go out for drinks and munchies.  Each week a different person gets to choose where to go.  Click here to see who will decide where to go after the dance.

Dances on the Fifth Saturday of the month. See the Monthly Calendar for exact time and location.

Two special weekend dance festivals:

  • Sugar Hill, held every August (in recent years at the Ransburg Boy Scout Reservation near Lake Monroe), offers hiking, swimming, camping, and lots of good food in addition to plenty of old-time music and dancing. See Dan Klarmann’s web page for photos of recent Sugar Hills, and this cool video he made!
    The 41st annual Sugar Hill will be 16-18 August 2019.
    (The third weekend of August.)
  • Mad Robin Romp (previous known as Swing-into-Spring ) will be held  the weekend of 5-7 April 2019   (the first weekend of May) at Camp Gallahue near Nashville in scenic Brown County, Ind.

Our members also put together a variety of events throughout the year, of varying degrees of formality. Probably the best known of these is the “Bean King” tradition. On the 6th of January each year, we gather to select the new King, who sponsors a few parties throughout the next year. For the history of Bloomington Beanery, and the text of the bean ballad, see Bean Balladeer Mark Feddersen’s creation.

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