Dance Calendar


24 May: The Stuff (Gretchen Caverly and Nic Coker) from North Carolina will play for our Wednesday dance. (We’ve had Gretchen here before as part of Celador.) David Ernst will call.

June Open Mic. Night will be held on 31 May because  on 7 June we’ll be having the Polka Pants Band  from the Washington DC area (Andrea Hoag, fiddle; Rebecca Weiss, fiddle; Charlie Pilzer, piano) with David Kaynor from Mass., calling.

SUGAR HILL will be 25-27 August at Camp Ransburg. The most fun you’ll have all year!  Register early to $ave and to insure your choice of optional air conditioned bunks.  Only $45 for the whole week-end before 10 August.   See:

Summer Location:  June = Harmony School.  July = Boys & Girls Club.  2-23 August = Boys & Girls Club.   30 August = Harmony School.

Protect the Floor: Clean your shoes. Even a little grit on your shoes causes damage to the floor.

New Dance Starting Time: The Wednesday night dance now starts at 8:00pm.  Newcomer lessons now start at 7:30pm. Dances are at Harmony School.

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• Beginner lessons: We offer free beginner lessons starting at 7:30 PM before each evening of dancing.

• Protect the floor: Bring clean, smooth-soled shoes. Help clean the floor after the dance and get Free admission to the dance. Talk to Bill Baus.

• After each Wednesday dance some of us go out for drinks and munchies.  Each week a different person gets to choose where to go.  Click here to see who will decide where to go after the dance.

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