Dance Calendar


  • MAD ROBIN ROMP,  5-7 April, at Camp Gallahue in scenic Brown County.  
    • Our caller, Chet Gray, from Louisville, is well known around the Midwest and Kentucky for his exciting contras and other traditional dances.
    • Our band is Wabash Valley Cannonballs (Megan Greene, fiddle; Jim Nelson, guitar; & Dedo Norris, string bass, from St. Louis; and Robert Freeman, banjo, from West Lafayette) They’ve  been performing old-time dance tunes together across the Midwest and Upper South for over a decade. Other bands they play in include Little Egypt Pep Steppers, Hogtied, & Bum Ditty.
  • Mark your calendars: Sugar Hill will be the THIRD weekend of August (16-18 Aug) .
  • Scholarships: BOTMDG offers scholarships which can cover part of the cost of dance camps and conferences that offers training and education which can benefit our dance group.  The CDSS also offers matching scholarships.  The deadline for these is by Email to by 3 March 2019 or in person at the welcome table at the dance by 27 Feb 2019.  The application form to apply for the BOTMDG scholarships can be downloaded from .
  • Protect the Floor: Clean your shoes. Even a little grit on your shoes causes damage to the floor. The floor at Harmony refinished last summer, so we need to be especially careful not to damage it.

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• Beginner lessons: We offer free beginner lessons starting at 7:30 PM before each evening of dancing.

• Protect the floor: Bring clean, smooth-soled shoes. Help clean the floor after the dance and get Free admission to the dance. Talk to Bill Baus.

• After each Wednesday dance some of us go out for drinks and munchies.  Each week a different person gets to choose where to go.  Click here to see who will decide where to go after the dance.

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