Dance Calendar


On 7 June we’ll be having the Polka Pants Band  from the Washington DC area (Andrea Hoag, fiddle; Rebecca Weiss, fiddle; Charlie Pilzer, piano) with David Kaynor from Mass., calling and playing fiddle.

SUGAR HILL will be 25-27 August at Camp Ransburg. The most fun you’ll have all year!  Register early to $ave and to ensure your choice of optional air conditioned bunks.  Only $45 for the whole week-end before 10 August.   See:

Summer Location:  June = Harmony School.  July = Boys & Girls Club.  2-23 August = Boys & Girls Club.   30 August = Harmony School.

Protect the Floor: Clean your shoes. Even a little grit on your shoes causes damage to the floor.

New Dance Starting Time: The Wednesday night dance now starts at 8:00pm.  Newcomer lessons now start at 7:30pm. Dances are at Harmony School.

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• Beginner lessons: We offer free beginner lessons starting at 7:30 PM before each evening of dancing.

• Protect the floor: Bring clean, smooth-soled shoes. Help clean the floor after the dance and get Free admission to the dance. Talk to Bill Baus.

• After each Wednesday dance some of us go out for drinks and munchies.  Each week a different person gets to choose where to go.  Click here to see who will decide where to go after the dance.

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