New to Contradance?

New dancers are very welcome!

New and beginner dancers are welcome to become members and dance with us! If beginners arrive at least 15 and preferably 30 minutes early and let us know they’d like a lesson, we can generally accommodate an impromptu lesson before the dance starts.

We also offer a beginner lesson at least once per month. Attending this lesson the first time you contradance isn’t essential, but it can help new dancers understand the dances more easily.

All dances are taught (so no worries about memorizing all the steps) but dances tend to get more challenging as the evening progresses, so coming early is encouraged.

Part of the fun of contra dancing is that it is challenging and requires some learning. If you have experience with square dancing though, you’ll already be familiar with many of the dance calls used in contra dancing.

Most new dancers find this takes several weeks of attending the dance, but once you know the calls, you’ve got it for good!

New dancers do best when they seek out experienced dance partners while they are learning. And, experienced dancers are always encouraged to seek out partners who are new dancers.

More detailed info in this wikipedia article.

Here are two great videos made by Chattahoochee Country Dancers.

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