Weekly dances are normally in the Harmony School Gym.  The gym is on the west end of the school.  Enter from the parking lot which can be accessed from Hunter Street (a block south of Atwater St.), just east of Woodlawn St.  On  1, 8, 15, & 22  August this year we will be dancing at First Presbyterian Church.  The address is 221 E 6th St, but we’ll use the entrance facing the parking lot off 7th St, near Lincoln.  We will return to Harmony School on 29 August (after Sugar Hill).

The 40th Annual Sugar Hill will be on August 24-26, 2018. Save the date!

Announcements and Detailed Dance Calendar

BOTMDG is dedicated to fostering the growth and development of Old Time musicians, callers, and dancers in a nurturing and friendly atmosphere. We are a non-profit organization based in Bloomington, Indiana, that is run entirely through the efforts of volunteers — your help is always needed and welcome!

We sponsor a contradance EVERY WEDNESDAY  evening (no exceptions!) and several special dances throughout the year.  All dances feature live music (Old Time, New England, and Irish dance tunes).  Callers lead mostly contradances, with some squares, mixers, and other dances forms as well. This type of dance has a devout and enthusiastic following around the world.  BOTMDG is one of the oldest groups of its kind in the country, and has danced every Wednesday since the group started in 1972.

Are you new to contradance?


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