Special Free Dance, Wed 12 September

The Bloomington Old Time Music and Dance Group’s Meetup group has a lot of members. However, many have actually never attended any of our events!

On Wednesday, September 12, we are having a special dance geared towards first-time attendees. Now, we dance every Wednesday, and newcomers are welcome to any event. But this event will be special in several ways:

  • Free! (normally $5 ($4 for members), and you still qualify for a 2nd time free coupon!
  • Special hour-long intro session normally we offer a half-hour introduction, but on Sep 12 we’ll start the intro at 7pm and even have live music for some practice dances.
  • Lots of other new people! We know it can feel a bit awkward to arrive somewhere new all by yourself. So please RSVP now to let others know that there will be other first time attendees. And you know you won’t be alone if you bring a friend!

As always, there will be live music, and all dances are taught. Typically there are about 25-40 people at our events (very few of whom use Meetup), but we’re hoping for more for this special dance.

Another well-established tradition in our group: some of us go out for a drink after the dance ends. This usually happens around 10:30, but some folks might peel off and head for a bar about an hour earlier if they’ve gotten their fill of dancing.

And, if this all sounds great but September 12 doesn’t work for you, we really do welcome newcomers at all of our events. They are all posted here on Meetup!

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