Wednesday Dances

20140611_211216Weekly Wednesday dances start with newcomer instruction at 7:30 pm.
Dancing starts promptly at 8:00 pm
and the last waltz is at 10:15 or so.

FREE New-comer Dance Lesson 30 minutes before the start of the dances.

Most of the year, our regular dances are at Harmony School.

Admission is $4 for members and $5 for non-members, unless otherwise noted.

Volunteers are always welcome! Sign up with a dance coordinator for set-up or clean-up and admission is FREE!
Memberships are $12/year, pro-rated by the month. Discount for  students.

Many of us go out for drinks and munchies after each Wednesday night dance. To find out who gets to chose where to go on a given Wednesday see The List.

BOTMDG childcare responsibilities at Harmony School

You are most welcome to bring your children with you to BOTMDG dances. However, please remember that you are responsible for them while they’re at the dance. We are obligated to Harmony School not to allow your children to roam the hallways and stairwells unchaperoned nor left unattended. Childcare at Harmony School can be arranged via Harmony School if requested well in advance.


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